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Sharon Hofer

This curriculum is all about creating a masterpiece, no matter the student's age.

What makes our video instruction so unique and standard setting is that Sharon is a master artist herself. She currently teaches hundreds of students out of her home studio and yearly teaches internationally. Because of this, both the quality of her instruction and the projects being taught is done in such a way that inspires students everywhere to create masterpieces. They will be inspired and encouraged as they work along side Sharon as she teaches. No matter your age, you will be producing fine art projects that you will be proud of for years to come.



Our walls have never looked better!

A renaissance happened at our house after introducing Creating a Masterpiece to the kids. While my kids enjoyed drawing and dabbling into different media, Creating a Masterpiece provided both the needed step-by-step instruction and the visual to facilitate a successful art lesson. Not to mention that the walls in the house have never looked better!

Debbie G.
Professional and encouraging teacher!

Sharon's style is so professional, and yet really encouraging. She makes you want to try the different techniques and to enjoy the beautiful things in life.

Impressing and its not even finished!

After just two lessons, my pastel piece was in the dining room on an easel and a friend came over, went into my dining room and came back out and asked who did the artwork that was in there - I didn't even know what she was talking about for a minute and then I told her that I did... She couldn't believe it was my first piece! YEAH! Thanks for the great instruction!

Proud parents!

I've looked into other art curriculum for my daughter, but they are often very over-simplified, and the end results are nothing special. With these she is so proud of her projects and is learning that time and focus produces wonderful results! 

I learn with my kids!

Our daughter has not been frustrated, only encouraged, and more so by being pleased with her own work! Thank you for taking the time to make these lessons available. They are a blessing!

Haitian orphans learning fine art!

Dear Sharon, I don’t know if you’ll remember our e-mail conversations. My daughter uses your Creating a Masterpiece instruction and I thought it would be great to use them in the Haitian orphanage where I live and teach. You wanted a picture, so here it is! The children are enjoying the lessons in pencil drawing. My picture doesn’t reflect their work very well, but if you look really hard you can see it. I use an interpreter to translate from English to Creole, so it’s a little slower, but they love it. Thanks so much.

Judy E.
The littlest can do it to!

We thank the Creating a Masterpiece team for producing a quality product that not only motivate the kids do their best, but also make art accessible to even the littlest in the family.

Highly recommend this program!

As an artist, with an extensive art education, I highly recommend this curriculum for any child or adult interested in developing their artistic ability.   

Highly Recommend this program!

"I have tried dozens of art curriculum over the past ten years and have never been happy with any of them. Thankfully, I found the "Creating A Masterpiece" series by Sharon Hofer. Sharon has made private art lessons available to children in an easy to understand step-by-step format. As a homeschooling mother I have found Creating a Masterpiece to be an invaluable tool in our art education curriculum!

Elizabeth L.
Anyone can follow!

I really appreciate the way you teach art! You are so clear with your step by step instructions that anyone can follow. Thank you!

Success and variety make the difference!

Before the first lesson, he didn’t think that his art work would turn out very well. But with the step by step instruction he found out that he could have fun and that he was pleased with the end results. He also liked how there are different art mediums used in the program.

Geared to children!

What I love about “Creating a Masterpiece” is that all of us can do the same lesson and everyone is able to create a masterpiece. Even my youngest was capable of following it.

Mother of 4 from Ohio
First rate art instruction!

Sharon Hofer has made first rate art instruction affordable for our family. This program has encouraged Emily so much that she wants to be an art teacher as well!

Linda R.
Mother-daughter time!

We spent two wonderful hours drawing, shading, laughing at our mistakes, and beaming at each other's finished projects. We never imagined that such novices could produce this level of art! It was such a perfect afternoon and Sharon Hofer guided us through with such warmth, encouragement, and fun! 

Katie E.
I could not believe how great it was!

I was not able to help with my son's art class, so when I saw his final pastel piece, I turned it over to make sure it had HIS name on it. I could not believe how great it was! When we have shown it to family and friends, they asked if my son had really drawn it. He was so pleased to get a frame for it and hang it on his wall.

Using what we learned to bless others!

What a pleasure it has been to teach art to our grandchildren! They love your teaching. We even sent a copy of the Spring Flowers project to a prisoner with a corrected Bible lesson. He wrote our grandson back. They were thrilled!

Vicki VanM.
Highly Recommend!

I cannot recommend Sharon's projects enough!  My student’s parents were amazed, not just by the artwork they brought home, but by their change in attitude towards art altogether! Parents and students alike want to do Sharon's projects again!

Jenny B.
Teaches detail, highlights individuality!

We just did these acrylic paintings this week with an 18 year old niece and our 8 year old granddaughter. They both loved it! Thank you for a wonderful project that is adaptable to all ages.

We just finished our 8th CAM project!

Our family has just completed our 8th CAM project today! I have always wanted to pass on my love for art to my children but the expense for art classes has not been an option. I am so thankful that God has put it in Sharon's heart to share her talent with the rest of us who live across the country and are not able to attend her art school.

Rosina S.
Children's personality comes out!

I am so thrilled to discover these lessons. Our children love them. It is a real highlight! Their personalities really come out in this!

Wendy W.
Students leave smiling and confident!

The students were exposed to multiple media and techniques thanks to you. I watched them leave class with a smile and a feeling of success. 

Sarah K.
I was shocked!

I must admit I knew my daughter was a little artist, but I had no idea what she could do with the right kind of clear instruction. My mouth dropped open in shock!

Joanna R.
My kids LOVE it!

I just can't believe my eyes as they draw. I have three children with completely different learning styles and all of them are successful at these art projects.

Michelle N.
No guesswork and no frustration!

Before CAM I would read art books and try to figure out what we were supposed to do, now there is no guesswork and no frustration.

Clear instructions lead students to succeed!

Sharon makes the instructions so clear, demonstrates so well, and is so encouraging that the girls' first attempt at pastels was successful, and they are excited about getting more involved in art. Their paintings find a place on our walls, too.

Sharon R.
You helped my artist grow!

Thank you so much for Creating a Masterpiece! My son has a real talent for art, and I'm afraid I don't, and I was at a loss of how to help him to grow until I found your program! Thank you so much!

Laura T.
Sharon is an encourager!

Mrs. Hofer's teaching style is very clear and the directions are easy to follow. She is so encouraging, even to students she can't "see" while filming her video. Thanks for making a way for us to take art class with you!

Seipal Family
Gratification beyond words!

In the course of living one’s life, there are many things, experiences, and events that we attempt to achieve and receive gratification. With working with each other on our roosters, we both received gratification beyond what one can express in words, a wonderful time spent.

Ed K.
Exceptional quality!

The moment I laid eyes on my children's projects, I knew this was something special!

Beth K.
Brings grandpa and my son together!

My son has loved your art videos and he has done them with his Grandfather who is 80 years old. They had a great time doing them together.

K. Wolfe
Nervous parents have found the help they need!

I have very little experience with art, so I was nervous in trying to help my girls with their projects. But, it was amazing to see what they were able to create through Sharon's teaching and my limited "helping."

I can draw a Portrait!

After just two lessons I drew a decent portrait. After lessons 3 and 4 I produced a portrait of a little girl that was even better! I was thrilled! 

Teresa A.
Perfect for a family of any size!

Creating a Masterpiece is perfect for any family whether you are a small or large family, little experience or a lot of experience, young in age or older. All of the family can do the projects together!

My husband thought I had done it!

Dear Sharon,

I met you at the MACHE conference this spring and truly love your passion for sharing the gifts God has given you! My sons have completed the Bluebird project and my husband thought I had done it!! Our sons have not always enjoyed art but they love lessons with Miss Sharon. Thank you.

Melissa D.
Creating a Masterpiece lessons have been a dream come true!

As a homeschooling mother of 4 boys, ages 15, 10, 9 and 4, I look to good quality curriculum as an investment in 4 educations at one time. When I find something that we can all do together at our own level, I am thrilled.

Althea D.
Sharon is all about the students!

I have had the opportunity to talk to many parents at conferences who have bought the Creating a Masterpiece curriculum for their children. These parents are amazed at what their children learn by following along with Sharon Hofer. Many people can barely believe what can be accomplished by a very young student with her guidance.

Jody C.

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