Geared to children!

I so much appreciate that I have finally found a company that understands homeschoolers' needs and who is willing to reach out to us with a product that has been lacking very much in our circle. I have noticed in 8 years that I've been homeschooling, it's been hard to find any art curriculum that was reasonably priced and geared to children instead of adults. What I love about “Creating a Masterpiece” is that all of us can do the same lesson and everyone is able to create a masterpiece. Even my youngest was capable of following it.

Mother of 4 from Ohio
Highly Recommend this program!

"I have tried dozens of art curriculum over the past ten years and have never been happy with any of them. Thankfully, I found the "Creating A Masterpiece" series by Sharon Hofer. Sharon has made private art lessons available to children in an easy to understand step-by-step format. As a homeschooling mother I have found Creating a Masterpiece to be an invaluable tool in our art education curriculum!

As an artist, with an extensive art education, I highly recommend this curriculum for any child or adult interested in developing their artistic ability. I will continue to recommend this set to homeschooling parents and look forward to future art instruction by Mrs. Hofer."

Elizabeth L.
Haitian orphans learning fine art!

Dear Sharon, I don’t know if you’ll remember our e-mail conversations. My daughter uses your Creating a Masterpiece instruction and I thought it would be great to use them in the Haitian orphanage where I live and teach. You wanted a picture, so here it is! The children are enjoying the lessons in pencil drawing. My picture doesn’t reflect their work very well, but if you look really hard you can see it. I use an interpreter to translate from English to Creole, so it’s a little slower, but they love it. Thanks so much.

Judy E.
Impressing and its not even finished!

After just two lessons, my pastel piece was in the dining room on an easel and a friend came over, went into my dining room and came back out and asked who did the artwork that was in there - I didn't even know what she was talking about for a minute and then I told her that I did... She couldn't believe it was my first piece! YEAH! Thanks for the great instruction!

Sharon is all about the students!

I have had the opportunity to talk to many parents at conferences who have bought the Creating a Masterpiece curriculum for their children. These parents are amazed at what their children learn by following along with Sharon Hofer. Many people can barely believe what can be accomplished by a very young student with her guidance.

I call Sharon Hofer the “Kid Whisperer”! Give her a child who is struggling with academics or low self-esteem and Sharon can lift them up and give the skill and confidence that they need through working through an art project. I have noticed that even through the videos, her focus is on the student.

Jody C.
My husband thought I had done it!

Dear Sharon,

I met you at the MACHE conference this spring and truly love your passion for sharing the gifts God has given you! My sons have completed the Bluebird project and my husband thought I had done it!! Our sons have not always enjoyed art but they love lessons with Miss Sharon. Thank you.

Melissa D.
I can draw a Portrait!

I have never taken an art class in Jr high or High school. I was more of a biology and music student. Now I'm an adult and I've tried to learn to draw by reading books, but didn't do too well. I figured I didn't have an eye for it. My daughter did a project from Creating a Masterpiece called Beginning Portraiture. I thought I would follow along for the fun of it and see what I could do. After two lessons I drew a decent portrait. After lessons 3 and 4 I produced a portrait of a little girl that was even better! I was thrilled! Her tips were so easy to follow and easy to remember.

Teresa A.
Brings grandpa and my son together!

My son has loved your art videos and he has done them with his Grandfather who is 80 years old. They had a great time doing them together.

K. Wolfe
Gratification beyond words!

In the course of living one’s life, there are many things, experiences, and events that we attempt to achieve and receive gratification. With working with each other on our roosters, we both received gratification beyond what one can express in words, a wonderful time spent.

Ed K.
You helped my artist grow!

Thank you so much for Creating a Masterpiece! My son has a real talent for art, and I'm afraid I don't, and I was at a loss of how to help him to grow until I found your program! Thank you so much!

Laura T.


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