Purchasing art supplies is easy with Blick U!

I recently showed Ethan's stork on my Facebook page because I was happy with his work and wanted to share with grandparents, family and friends. The response blew me away. So many people responded that I ended up getting to share your website and Facebook page to everyone. That made me really happy! Your products are excellent and I hope that they all support and help your business grow. We have also appreciated your participation in Blick U. Going into an art store is intimidating for me, because I have NO idea what to get, especially while toting my seven kids with me, lol. Blick U has made that a much more pleasant experience. I've taken advantage of their sales to get some great deals not only for the CAM courses but for home art supplies as well. In fact I just made my next big Blick order. We finally agreed on the
next project we want to tackle and are very excited! :)

All that to say a big THANK YOU! We appreciate the time you have taken to make these lessons and also to market them. I knew after the Facebook response that I needed to share this with you. May God bless your efforts and your family!

Tiffani W.
No guesswork and no frustration!

I have wanted to share with you how much we love your art instruction for a while now. Art has been revolutionized in our house! I tried other programs for over 8 years. Some were difficult for us to use and others just sat on the shelf because they were completely uninspiring. I had just about given up and labeled our family as "unartistic" (even though my husband has always excelled at art, even designing for companies he's worked for on the side), when I met your daughter at the convention in 2013 at Harrisburg, PA. She was so sweet, easy to talk to and did such an excellent job explaining the program that I bought it on the spot. I consider that meeting providential!! The way you teach fits very well with all of my very different children. We do the lessons together (me included) and have a lot of fun while we work and learn together. That's not to say that every lesson is "easy" sometimes we have to work and rework what we are doing until it is right, but it is always good, always beneficial and we always get better (and have fun doing it). Baby Rabbit was frustrating for one of my sons, but he worked through it and came out with a lovely realistic baby rabbit at the end. Now he feels more comfortable working with clay and we look forward to more projects in that medium. Before CAM I would read art books and try to figure out what we were supposed to do, now there is no guesswork and no frustration.

My kids love Sharon!

My children were so excited to meet Sharon this weekend at the St. Louis Home Educator's Expo! We purchased Creating a Masterpiece last year to use as an art class this year. They completed the Copper Tooling first, followed by Peaceful Lake. They are currently working on Baby Rabbit and looking forward to starting new lessons.

My teens also created the sailboat project during the youth session at the expo. They said you were just as wonderful in person and were so thankful they had the opportunity to participate in that session.

Thanks for creating such a wonderful product!

Shelly B.
Greetings from Cameroon!

Greetings from Cameroon, Africa! My husband and I are missionaries with Africa Inland Mission, and we have 3 kids. I've been home-schooling our middle child, Martha (aged 11) for the last 2 years. This year, we've been using Creating a Masterpiece for Art, and we love this program! Martha and her friend Ben have just finished Beautiful Swan, and they would like to send Sharon a photo of themselves with their finished paintings. Would it be possible to do this?

Thank you for providing such a great resource for teaching art!

Jan from Africa
I was shocked!

My daughter has become VERY INTERESTED in art after completing a Creating a Masterpiece art project and is going to be practicing every chance she gets getting good at the techniques taught in the lesson she has. For those of you who are supporting the education of our children and who are always looking for gift ideas, buying a lesson and/or art supplies are a great idea for them. Some of the lessons use acrylic, some pastels, etc. I must admit I knew she was a little artist, but I had no idea what she could do with the right kind of clear instruction. My mouth dropped open in shock!

Joanna R.
The proof is in the results!

At the recent convention, I purchased Creating a Masterpiece for Bryanna. I chose Sharon Hofer's instruction because I saw it in action there, and they had tons of examples of children's art using this series. She is a master teacher, and Bryanna loved her. I chose this particular lesson, because I thought we had the supplies at home. We did!

That was my daughter’s FIRST attempt. She is already working on her second. This is done using only colored pencils. The three dimensionality is amazing. I wish you could see it in person.

Diane D.
We can't wait to start our next project!

Good Morning! We have completed our first Creating a Masterpiece artwork!

Attached is a project joyfully painted by two of my children. Both girls took their paintings to our homeschool group last Monday and got "ooohs and aaahs" and "Did you really paint that?" responses! They thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait to get started on their next project sculpting a turtle.

Kelly A.
Children's personality comes out!

I am so thrilled to discover these lessons. Our children love them. It is a real highlight! Their personalities really come out in this!

Wendy W.
Teaches detail, highlights individuality!

We just did these acrylic paintings this week with an 18 year old niece and our 8 year old granddaughter. They both loved it! Thank you for a wonderful project that is adaptable to all ages. My own picture is totally different and adds a bright spot to our dining area. We look forward to more of your materials! Painting with acrylics was a new experience for Amber. She is going back to Michigan with new supplies for an original painting of her own for a gift to her parents. I will also send it to the Art Challenge address.

Using what we learned to bless others!

What a pleasure it has been to teach art to our grandchildren! They love your teaching. We even sent a copy of the Spring Flowers project to a prisoner with a corrected Bible lesson. He wrote our grandson back. They were thrilled!

Vicki VanM.


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