Dramatic improvement!

"I started off my class by giving each student a piece of paper, pencil, and a shell, and I told them to draw the shell. I gave them no other instruction than that. After their first attempt, we watched the video. Then I had them draw another shell, applying what they learned in the video. They improved so dramatically, I think even the kids themselves were amazed at their own work! I know us as parents were certainly impressed!"

Jenny B.
Mother-daughter time!

"My beautiful, creative Mother's birthday was drawing near and I was searching for a fun way to spend the day with her. We had purchased the Creating a Masterpiece projects to use with my children and the other grandchildren but she and I had been so excited about them that I knew we should be the first to break them in. I surprised my Mom by bringing her into a room where I had placed two easels, crisp, clean sheets of art paper, and a new pack of pastels. As she opened her eyes, I pushed play and she gasped with joy as she realized what was in front of her. We spent two wonderful hours drawing, shading, laughing at our mistakes, and beaming at each other's finished projects. We never imagined that such novices could produce this level of art! It was such a perfect afternoon and Sharon Hofer guided us through with such warmth, encouragement, and fun! Now my Dad is hinting that he would enjoy the same experience on his birthday!"

Katie E.
Art is so much more than drawing!

Sharon Hofer brings a much-needed perspective to homeschool parents. She educates us on the fact that art is good and beneficial to ALL types of students, whether they (or their parents!) consider them to be "artistic" or not! She points out that doing art, especially where a project is done with high quality media and over a period of several sessions, promotes confidence, higher order thinking skills and decision making, and actually grows our creativity. Sharon reminds us that God is infinitely creative, and that we are made in His image, so it is in our makeup to be creative, each in the unique way He has fashioned us! I was inspired after hearing her to explore high quality art experiences for my homeschooled children, including the ones who don't consider themselves to be creative artistically. She encouraged us in her session to explore art for the beauty that it helps us see, since beauty is from God! I really appreciated her warm style, her passion for ALL students to experience quality art and the confidence it inspires, and her desire to use her unique talents to help the homeschool community round out their students' education! I am a longtime homeschooler, and have been to many conferences, and I consider Sharon Hofer to be a top-notch presenter with an important message.

Sharon Reiss
Anyone can do it!

I am a 63 year old grandmother of 13 grandchildren and last year we met Sharon at a home school convention. My husband and I were so impressed with the Creating a Masterpiece art program. We thought our 4 grandsons, who are being homeschooled, would love it. Our daughter said she didn't have the time to teach art and asked if I would. She thought it would be wonderful for me to spend that time with the boys and do something fun. I have no art background but took on the challenge!! What a terrific time! I did most of the art lessons along with the boys and we all loved them! The lessons were challenging, well done, explained well and we've all come to love Sharon through the lessons. At this year’s convention we all got to have our picture taken with Sharon and bought the program for another year. We're all looking forward to taking art again with Sharon. Thank you for a wonderful year of art. It is something that anyone can do regardless of their age.

Sue D.
Success and variety make the difference!

Ryan really enjoys the Creating a Masterpiece art program. Before the first lesson, he didn’t think that his art work would turn out very well. But with the step by step instruction he found out that he could have fun and that he was pleased with the end results. He also liked how there are different art mediums used in the program. So far his favorite is clay. We will continue to use Creating a Masterpiece!

Highly recommend this program!

I have tried dozens of art curriculum over the past ten years and have never been happy with any of them. Thankfully, I found "Creating A Masterpiece" by Sharon Hofer. Sharon has made private art lessons available to children in an easy to understand step-by-step format. As a homeschooling mother I have found this program to be an invaluable tool in our art education curriculum! As an artist, with an extensive art education, I highly recommend this curriculum for any child or adult interested in developing their artistic ability. I will continue to Creating a Masterpiece to homeschooling parents and look forward to future art instruction by Mrs. Hofer.

Impressed with the projects results!

After we purchased "Creating a Masterpiece", I sat through the first project with my daughter. Each step was clearly explained and cheerfully given, so that she felt encouraged and was able to follow the instructions without my help. We liked being able to pause the lesson while my daughter completed a step - it kept her from falling behind if she needed a bit more time to finish some shading or drawing. When she worked on her second project (pen and ink dragonfly), she sat through the lessons by herself. Our entire family is excited and impressed with the project's results! We knew our daughter had ability, and your instruction is bringing out the best in her. Best of all: she wants to continue the studies! She has not been frustrated, only encouraged, and more so by being pleased with her own work! Thank you for taking the time to make these lessons available. They are a blessing!

I learn with my kids!

What I like the best about the Creating a Masterpiece series is that I could actually sit down and paint and sketch along with the kids. They enjoyed watching me learn along with them! Thank you for putting your talent on the internet. It will allow so many more families to learn from you and instill in our children the importance of art.

Professional and encouraging teacher!

I was so glad that I purchased "Creating A Masterpiece" for our art curriculum. I had heard so many wonderful things about Sharon. With Creating a Masterpiece, we were able to do the art work at home on our kitchen table. The projects were very detailed and clearly explained each step of the process. They flowed at a nice pace, and obviously, they could be backed up and reviewed more than once. Sharon's style is so professional, and yet really encouraging. She makes you want to try the different techniques and to enjoy the beautiful things in life.

Creating a Masterpiece lessons have been a dream come true!

As a homeschooling mother of 4 boys, ages 15, 10, 9 and 4, I look to good quality curriculum as an investment in 4 educations at one time. When I find something that we can all do together at our own level, I am thrilled. My brother and mother both have degrees in Fine Arts, yet live so far away from us that they are rarely able to spend time with my sons. Yet, I know how valuable art education is for everyone. The beauty of art is that it provides an understanding of the space and nature of all the objects around a person. It teaches the design needed to organize and shape our lives. Sharon Hofer's Creating a Masterpiece classes have done a delightful job of bringing the joy of learning art concepts and visual skills to my children! We live too far from Sharon's studio to attend her classes, so her Creating a Masterpiece lessons have been a dream come true. We simply get out our art supplies and turn our dining room into an art studio twice a week! The boys have learned to see the shapes of God's creations and put them on paper. They have learned about pencils, shading, dimension, watercolor, pen and ink. As they have used these different media, they have learned the properties of each, how to work faster with pen and watercolor and add layers with pencils. They have carried these concepts to other art they do on their own. I just found several World War II tanks done in beautiful colored pencil! Thanks, Sharon for stepping into our home to teach at our convenience. We love never having to miss a class!

Althea D.


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