Perfect for a family of any size!

Creating a Masterpiece is perfect for any family whether you are a small or large family, little experience or a lot of experience, young in age or older. All of the family can do the projects together! Our family has really enjoyed the lessons and have learned so much. The great thing with these projects is that you can do exceptional art work from home.

Exceptionally detailed teaching!

Sharon Hofer's "Creating A Masterpiece series" are wonderful and exceptionally detailed! Sharon goes through step-by-step of "how to" for each medium she teaches. My children not only enjoyed working through them but also learned so much.

Nervous parents have found the help they need!

I have very little experience with art, so I was nervous in trying to help my girls with their projects. But, it was amazing to see what they were able to create through Sharon's teaching and my limited "helping". We have all learned so much about painting, and it was so fun to learn together.

Leads children to success!

With "Creating A Masterpiece" children can produce pieces of art that look amazing even though it's their first painting and they only have a mother to help.

Roberts from Nebraska
Gave my girls confidence!

I love the way Sharon teaches on Creating a Masterpiece series. It's inviting and encouraging. It made my girls feel comfortable and confident in trying painting for the first time. When their pictures were done and they saw what they had accomplished, it encouraged them to want to do more.

Amy R.
Exceptional quality!

The moment I laid eyes on my children's projects, I knew this was something special! The Lord has blessed Sharon with an artistic talent she's willing to share with everyone. She's a master who teaches the skills of valuable fine art which have often been forgotten. The techniques she shares and helps develop within each student, produce artwork of exceptional quality and will live long on the walls of your home. I believe that you will feel like you are present in her home studio as you create artwork from her Creating a Masterpiece collection.

Beth K.
Sharon is an encourager!

Our family has really enjoyed the "Creating a Masterpiece" series. Since we could not attend her classes in person, we were sure glad to be able to have Mrs. Hofer teach us in our home! The material lists were extremely helpful; we were able to make sure we had all the right supplies for each project. And Mrs. Hofer's teaching style is very clear and the directions are easy to follow. She is so encouraging, even to students she can't "see" while filming her video. Thanks for making a way for us to take art class with you!

Seipal Family
Worth the investment!

My 13-year-old daughter has thoroughly enjoyed using "Creating A Masterpiece. She has always been somewhat disappointed that many of her friends seem to do artwork with no apparent effort while she struggled. The program has helped her see her efforts show fruit and it has been very encouraging to her! The instructions are very easy to understand. The small pictures in the corner while instructions are being given are very helpful to her. We found the program to be an inexpensive but quality addition to our homeschool curriculum.

Clear instructions lead students to succeed!

Our girls really enjoyed the pastel project of the "Rooster"! Sharon makes the instructions so clear, demonstrates so well, and is so encouraging that the girls' first attempt at pastels was successful, and they are excited about getting more involved in art. Their paintings find a place on our walls, too. Thanks, Sharon, for bringing art into our home and inspiring our daughters!

Sharon R.
Perfect for our needs!

It is great having such a quality art class that works for our schedule! It was a great program! Thorough with room for imagination.

Danna and Alice


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