Asked to illustrate a book!

Isabelle has some exciting news! Her older brother was home this month and saw Isabelle's charcoal stork drawing that she made from your instruction. He is in the process of publishing his first book and liked the effects in her drawing so well, that he asked Isabelle to work with him illustrating his book. He gave her concepts to work with, and she is finishing her gestures for him to confirm before she continues with final drawings and charcoal work. She is very excited, as we are for her! I want to thank you for making your instruction available, preparing her for this opportunity with her brother. God is faithful!

My kids LOVE it!

My children are first time home educators and we bought Creating a Masterpiece at the curriculum fair in Lincoln. My kids LOVE it! We have completed Peaceful Lake and the Sunflower. I just can't believe my eyes as they draw. I have three children with completely different learning styles and all of them are successful at these art projects. Thank you so much Sharon! Pictures to come soon:)

Michelle N.
Brother time!

I loved that my sons used Sharon's projects entirely on their own, working together side by side. My younger son was especially motivated to paint so that he could spend time with his brother. They found Sharon's instruction to be easy to follow. We recommend Sharon's excellent instruction and hope to paint more from Creating a Masterpiece in the future.

C. Perry
Students leave smiling and confident!

I purchased Creating a Masterpiece at the Wichita home school convention this year. Later I was asked if I could teach an art class for our home school group. I told the parents about your lessons, and they were excited to try it. We arranged to use a back room at our local coffee shop. They were gracious enough to allow us to set up our class and project your lessons on their 'big screen'. The students were exposed to multiple media and techniques thanks to you. I watched them leave class with a smile and a feeling of success. My favorite project was the vase of flowers in acrylic. We meet once a week for an hour and a half.

Sarah K.
We just finished our 8th CAM project!

Our family has just completed our 8th CAM project today! I have always wanted to pass on my love for art to my children but the expense for art classes has not been an option. I am so thankful that God has put it in Sharon's heart to share her talent with the rest of us who live across the country and are not able to attend her art school. I have used a number of materials up until now but I feel that we finally found a program where we could apply all those art basics that our children have learned all these years. We have all been creating masterpieces and with the variety of medium that Sharon offers so far, we've all found a favorite medium. My children range from ages 6 to 13 and all 5 of us have enjoyed working through these projects. It's the best option next to being in Hidden Acres Art School! I am eagerly awaiting to see what the upcoming projects will be and the new mediums that my family will have the opportunity to experience that they wouldn't have otherwise!

Rosina S.
Highly Recommend!

I cannot recommend Sharon's projects enough! We used the Sunflower and Peaceful Lake project for our co-op classes and they were a huge success! We have a small co-op so kids don't have a choice of classes. I was worried that the not-art-inclined students would be miserable, but even they enjoyed the classes and were successful! Their parents were amazed, not just by the artwork they brought home, but by their change in attitude towards art altogether! Parents and students alike want to do Sharon's projects again! Thank you, Sharon!

Jenny B.
Sharon's style makes all the difference!

Our oldest daughter has always enjoyed art, but her two younger brothers didn't draw or paint much. After all three of them had completed a couple of the projects from Creating a Masterpiece, I was quite impressed! The step-by-step techniques that were taught by Sharon, I believe, made all the difference. They were all three very proud of their final artwork! I would definitely recommend this program for those parents who would like 'someone who knows their stuff' to teach art to their children. And for those children who are already naturally talented in art, it will enhance their techniques, and their confidence!

I could not believe how great it was!

I was not able to help with my son's art class, so when I saw his final pastel piece, I turned it over to make sure it had HIS name on it. I could not believe how great it was! When we have shown it to family and friends, they asked if my son had really drawn it. He was so pleased to get a frame for it and hang it on his wall. Just last week at homeschool co-op the "art co-oridintor" of last semester was handing out pencils for science class, when one boy asked if they got to do an art lesson since they were using pencils! He said he had LOVED art. I believe this class has put a love for art in our children. Thank you.

Fascinating to kids!

Our almost 10 year old son had the opportunity to create "Peaceful Lake" at the Teach Them Diligently conference in Spartanburg, SC. I am amazed at how focused he was and what a beautiful piece of art he created! Thank you, Sharon!!

Carrie Y.
Thrilled with the results!

I purchased the lighthouse project at the Teach Them Diligently conference. All 3 of my daughters did the painting. I have twin girls age 10 and a daughter age 8. I was so thrilled with the program I have several step by step pictures of the girls doing their creations! I have recommended you to everyone in my co'op. I was THRILLED with the paintings. We have them hanging in our store!

PS. I now have a budding artist!

Caroline W.


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