Inspires quality family time!

Thank you so much for this wonderful products. My teenage daughter loves art and we enjoyed creating these masterpieces and celebrating great lasting memories together. Now, my daughter-in-law wants to paint one also!! I am amazed that even I could produce such a lovely painting. Thank you for sharing your gift and creativity!

We are joining in!

We purchased from you at the Teach Them Diligently conference last year. The girls did all 4 sessions on the Lighthouse and the paintings turned out great. We will be starting on the colored pencil project Thursday. We enjoyed watching the girls so much that dad and I are going to do the acrylics as well. Thanks again for such an amazing program!

Cristan C.
First rate art instruction!

Creating a Masterpiece art program is such a blessing! The instructions on the DVD are so clear and my daughter, Emily, has gained a tremendous amount of confidence in her artwork. She has watched each lesson carefully and has applied the given principles and techniques to create her own heartfelt works of art. Sharon Hofer has made first rate art instruction affordable for our family. This program has encouraged Emily so much that she wants to be an art teacher as well!

Linda R.
Anyone can follow!

I really appreciate the way you teach art! You are so clear with your step by step instructions that anyone can follow. Thank you!

The littlest can do it to!

We thank the Creating a Masterpiece team for producing a quality product that not only motivate the kids do their best, but also make art accessible to even the littlest in the family.

Proud parents!

My 7 yr old daughter has loved the three Level 1 projects that we have completed! And she just loves to be taught by Miss Sharon! I've looked into other art curriculum for her, but they are often very over-simplified, and the end results are nothing special. With these she is so proud of her projects and is learning that time and focus produces wonderful results! And we are proud too! We have them hung all over the house!

Our walls have never looked better!

A renaissance happened at our house after introducing Creating a Masterpiece to the kids. While my kids enjoyed drawing and dabbling into different media, Creating a Masterpiece provided both the needed step-by-step instruction and the visual to facilitate a successful art lesson. Mrs. Hofer is gentle in her teaching and strong in her encouragement. With the added bonus of the art challenges and super cool prizes, we are convinced we have found the perfect art teacher in Mrs. Sharon Hofer. Her team is committed to helping kids produce quality pieces of art to treasure for years to come. Not to mention that the walls in the house have never looked better!

Debbie G.
Sharon is the Bob Ross for children!

Around here, Sharon Hofer is known as the Bob Ross for Children! People also talk about her as the “Lady who can make an artist out of anyone. We are so thankful you came to St. Louis for our conference! A Mother & Conference Committee leader from the St. Louis area

I was at the conference last weekend in the Woodlands and purchased Creating a Masterpiece for my daughters, who love art. They immediately completed the clown fish, which we have nicely framed for their rooms.

I appreciate that the projects are especially recorded as a step by step instruction, with the teacher looking at the camera. We have in the past purchased DVDs for homeschooling which are simply a teacher in front of a classroom. It is easier for the students to follow along when the teacher is talking TO them, rather than watching a teacher talk to other students.

The one thing that really set your program above others for me was hearing you say "This is not refrigerator art!" I was ready for my girls to move to the next level, with formal art instruction. I am quite wary of art instruction, however, as it is difficult to discern the instructor's heart, and I want to be very careful about who disciples my children. These projects were perfect for our needs!

I hope you will be coming back next year, as they are already planning to show you their work!

Good work, and thank you!

Cindy H.
Evacuated missionaries blessed through your art!

Dear Sharon,

I’m a big fan of yours! You have certainly played a significant part in my children’s lives, as they have both felt so proud of their beautiful pictures from following your instructions from the Creating a Masterpiece series. They both have quite low self-esteem at times, and were doubtful of their art ability at the start of this school year. But their self-confidence has really grown as they’ve seen what they’re capable of!

I am sending you my daughter’s Rooster and Parrots pictures. Her pictures have an interesting story attached to them, actually, which I’ll share with you…

So we live in Cameroon, which is next door to war-torn Central African Republic. An older missionary couple recently moved next door to us - they were working in CAR, but were evacuated as things have become so dangerous there. They had nothing on their walls and felt that their bare walls were a bit depressing. So they came to our house to see if we would sell them some pictures for their walls. I’d just finished another online art course and they’d heard I’d done some nice paintings.

Anyway, I was proudly showing them my work and feeling excited about making my first sale, when they noticed Martha’s parrots and rooster pictures on the wall. They asked if they were for sale, and as Martha was with us, she replied that she was willing to sell them. So they ended up not buying any of my work, but Martha’s two pictures instead. Martha felt a bit bad that they preferred her pictures to mine, but I reassured her that I didn’t mind a bit, and that I was very proud of her.

So Creating a Masterpiece has helped to brighten up the apartment of a missionary couple going through grief and trauma because of a civil war evacuation. I thought you might like to know this!

Jan R.
Very Encouraging to my Daughter

My 13-year-old daughter has thoroughly enjoyed using the "Creating A Masterpiece" instruction.



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