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Meet Sharon Hofer, Founder of Creating a Masterpiece

Hi, it’s Sharon Hofer with Creating a Masterpiece. I’ve traveled all over the world studying art under some of the finest artists of our time at world-renowned art institutes and studios for the past three decades. What I’ve learned is that anyone can create a masterpiece — including you!

That’s why I started Creating a Masterpiece: to give aspiring artists just like you the step-by-step expert instruction and gentle encouragement you need to create beautiful art.

Our community now includes thousands of art students of all ages and stages of life from all over the world. With my guidance, you can create masterpiece-level art that you will love to share with your loved ones.

Let’s create your masterpiece together!

Sharon Hofer, Art Instructor

Anyone Can Be an Artist With Creating a Masterpiece

Art is not reserved for only the ‘natural talents’. Anyone can be an artist — and no two artists are exactly alike.

Pursuing artistic interests should never be limited by age. Young and old can create meaningful, beautiful art.

It is a sacred gift to nurture our artistic interests and create art to the best of our abilities.

We are all artists in development with an extraordinary opportunity to bring the beauty of everyday life to those around us.

None of us are perfect artists, and so we strive for mastery, not perfection.

Having patience, encouraging others, and taking pride in creating art are values we seek to embody.

The lessons of art we learn today are essential to creating better art tomorrow.

Art is best shared with those we love in a way that makes the world a better place to live.

The true Masterpiece is not in a single work of art but in the moment by moment efforts of becoming better artists.

We are Creating a Masterpiece.

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See What Others Are Saying About Creating a Masterpiece…

“A renaissance happened at our house after introducing Creating a Masterpiece to the kids. While my kids enjoyed drawing and dabbling into different media, this provided the needed step-by-step instruction and the visual to facilitate a successful art lesson. Mrs. Hofer is gentle in her teaching and strong in her encouragement. We have found the perfect art teacher in Mrs. Sharon Hofer.”

The Gatto Family

“Creating a Masterpiece has sparked a great interest in and enthusiasm for art in my youngest child by giving him the knowledge and practice he needs to create his own projects, which he is always excited to do!”

The Zanett Family

“Creating a Masterpiece’s lessons are nicely paced for all ages, encouraging accuracy and precision without overwhelming the student. . . . Best of all, Creating a Masterpiece has given me an enjoyable hobby that includes my child. My home is decorated with our art.”

The Christenson Family

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Art Lessons for My Family

Art Lessons for My Group

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