Colored Pencil

Lessons in Colored Pencil: Grizzly Bear

In the North American wilderness the Grizzly Bear remains the apex predator. This majestic bear continues to fascinate fine artists, photographers, and authors. Learn to create this magnificent creation as you incorporate value, shading, proportions, and much more.

Lessons in Colored Pencil: Catfish

The catfish is loved by sports fishermen, Southern American cuisine, and artists! Catfish are unmistakable and often contain and reflect a variety of colors. Learn the principles needed to draw and embellish this beautiful creature.

Lessons in Colored Pencils: Boats and Dock

Simple and lovely, this scene is both serene and inspiring. Learn to capture this beautiful scene using colored pencils. This project focuses on proportion and perspective in drawing the design.

Lessons in Colored Pencil: The Lionfish

The Lionfish is a strikingly colorful hunting fish from the South Pacific and Indian oceans. Its beauty masks a deadly secret as the spines we admire are venomous. Learn the skills necessary to create this gorgeous subject as you progress through this truly stunning project.

Lessons in Colored Pencil: Freshly Picked Strawberry

Few of nature’s delicacies rival a strawberry. Its combination of color, scent, and flavor have made it a favorite snack or fine dessert wherever it grows. Gather your supplies and learn to create this succulent berry. As you learn, you will acquire drawing skills you can apply to many other drawing projects.

Lessons in Colored Pencil: The Crocodile

Crocodiles can be found around the world. They are fierce hunters, deceptively fast, and have an astounding beauty all their own. In this project Sharon will guide students through the steps of creating this stunning predator in colored pencil.

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