Lessons in Gouache: Knight

Enter the world of a battled tested warrior! In ancient tales knights bravely fought against overwhelming odds to ensure justice, defeat evil, and save their beloved lady. Create this warrior, clad in his armor, with Gouache. Gouache allows an artist to create the transparent metal sheen, while including the wear and tear of a suit …

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Lessons in Gouache: Shooting Stars

Few experiences in life are more memorable than sitting by a lake and watching the stars twinkle not only in the sky but also in the reflection of the lake. Join Sharon Hofer as she guides you step by step in creating this enchanting nighttime scene. This project is made with Gouache. Gouache is often described as an opaque watercolor. Gouache can …

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Lessons in Gouache: Granny’s Crabapples

Come home to Grandma’s house! Grandma used to decorate the fireplace and the dining room table with crab-apples and cranberries as the holidays approached. The delicious aroma of apple pie and cinnamon wafted from room to room. Crab-apples are festive and colorful. In this project Sharon will introduce students to a media known as Gouache. Gouache can be described best …

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