Lessons in Ink: Alaskan Eagle

This gorgeous and simple ink project designed to teach students to quickly draw beautiful projects of their own. Students learn to simply interact watercolor and ink techniques to create fun projects anywhere they go.

Lessons in Ink: The Ram

In this project Sharon focuses on teaching students a way to draw or illustrate quickly with ink. These simple tools will allow students to create masterpiece sketches wherever they go.

Revolutionary War: The Cannon (Ink)

The American Colonies fought for their independence from Great Britain over an approximately eight year period. The under-trained and under-equipped militias managed to defeat one of the most powerful armies on earth. The dedicated British soldiers were known for the red coats they wore. In this project Sharon will teach students to use in a …

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Lessons in Inktense: Spanish Flowers

Spain is a land of striking cultural and geographical beauty. It touches the Mediterranean Sea. It contains beautiful mountains, olive oil fields, and vast plateaus. One of the most striking characteristics is the flowers that the climate allows to grow there. The flowers that grow in Spain have been prized for centuries. In this project …

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Spanish Exploration: The Santa Maria

Many countries took part in exploring the New World. One of them was Spain. Ponce de León was a Spanish explorer who searched for the fountain of youth. Let your imagination sail with him into a lagoon as you create this mysterious nautical scene. This project is a Level 2 in difficulty.

Early America: The Great Chief

In the early periods of North American history the settlers moving across the country encountered many different tribes of Native Americans. These tribes were often led by a respected chief. In this project Sharon will guide students through the process of creating a fun and imaginative profile of a chief in headdress. This project will …

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Lessons in Ink: Chinese Chicken

Sharon’s students love drawing with Inktense. She first encountered this style of ink drawing when she visited an artist village in China. In this project she will teach students a form of drawing similar to what she saw there. Sharon will show students how to plan, develop, and finish a beautiful and fun form of …

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