Core Level 5

Art Essentials Level 5

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Art Essentials Level 5

As an advancing fine artist you are capable of so many of your own magnificent creations. This level is designed to significantly advance a student’s artistic abilities and understanding. What are the common differences between an adult face, a child’s face, and a teenager’s? What are the secrets artists know that distinguish a male face from a female and allow them to change gender in the middle of a portrait? How does a fine artist take a block of Bulsa foam, design and carve beautiful scenes and then paint it to look like a wood carving? How does an artist mix advanced ink techniques with watercolor, while incorporating advanced understanding of values in order to create a mixed media masterpiece? Have you ever tried your hand at Conte? Students will learn all of this, and so much more, in Level 5. Begin creating today!

Each project is a complete masterpiece and is made up of three to seven lessons which are divided into multiple smaller sections. Most lessons will take the average student an hour to an hour and a half to complete. Level 5 projects are meant to be completed slowly and carefully. The more time you put in, the more you practice, and the more you evaluate and improve your project—the more you will grow as a fine artist.

Art Skills Taught In Art Essentials Level 5 Include:

Color theory
Depth of field
Dynamic Range
Foundations of Portraiture
Seeing and incorporating value
Center of interest
Lost and found edges
Media specific skills
Three-dimensional project development
and more!

Art Media Featured In Art Essentials Level 5 Include:

Balsa Carving, Batik, Conte' Crayon, Gouache, Ink, Pencil/Charcoal, Watercolor Pencils, Wood Burning, Colored Pencil, and Scratch Art

Meet Your Instructor: Sharon Hofer

Premier Artist, Featured Fine Art Instructor, and Founder of Creating a Masterpiece

Join award-winning fine artist and fine art instructor Sharon Hofer as she guides you to study and practice the essentials of fine art. Sharon founded Creating a Masterpiece based on her proven fine art system she developed over 20 years of teaching at her in-person art school. Sharon encourages artists of all ages to experience art projects that will inspire true confidence and teach actual fine art skills.

Sharon Hofer, Art Instructor

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