Drawing Level 5

$129.00 for 1 year

Begin to advance from intermediate to advanced drawing skills. This level focuses on advancing drawing skills using pencil, colored pencil, and charcoal.

Program Features

2 Projects

8 Lessons

2 Unique Media

and more to come!

Art Media Taught

Colored Pencil and Pencil/Charcoal

Art Skills Taught

Intermediate to advanced drawing skills Including:
Composition and Proportion
Recognizing and Incorporating intermediate values
Incorporating Lost and Found Edges
Multiple Point Perspective
Using Highlighting for Emphasis
and much more!

Included Projects

Lessons in Colored Pencil: The Blue Angel

Lessons in Charcoal: Native American Chief

Lessons in Pencil: Luxury Sports Car

Lessons in Colored Pencil: The Crocodile

Lessons in Pencil: Canine Companions

Lessons in Charcoal: Watering Cans

Lessons in Pencil: The Foal

Lessons in Colored Pencil: Colonial Navy

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