Historically Themed Projects

$69.00 for 1 year

This level includes projects with various historical themes. It is perfect if you want to incorporate specific projects along with your historical studies. Some of the projects, such as Egyptian Nomads, are simple and short. Others, such as Abraham Lincoln, are much larger and require more time. Each project description will indicate the level of difficulty of the project.

Program Features

6 Projects, 12 Lessons, 4 Unique Media

Art Media Taught

Colored Marker, Ink, and Pencil/Charcoal

Art Skills Taught

Strategic project design
Layered project development
Beginning profile drawing
Painting with ink and water
Intermediate Charcoal Portraiture

Included Projects

Ancient Egypt: Egyptian Nomads

Spanish Exploration: The Santa Maria

Spanish Rule: Spanish Flowers

Privateers: Pirate Ship

Revolutionary War: The Cannon

Civil War Period

Western Exploration: The Great Chief

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