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Lessons in Caran D’Ache: Jellyfish

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One Student Two Students Three Students Four Students Five Students Six Students Special Instructions
Caran D’Ache Set 1 each color 1 each color 1 each color 1 each color 1 each color 2 each color You can cut the colors into pieces. Somewhere between 5-7 students you will want a second set.
Watercolor Brushes 1 of each 2 of each 3 of each 4 of each 5 of each 6 of each 1 flat brush and 1 pointed brush per student.
Bristol Paper 1 sheet 2 sheets 3 sheets 4 sheets 5 sheets 6 sheets Get a pad of Bristol paper and it will last many projects. You can also cut the sheet in half to give each student a smaller, simpler working area.