Lessons in Silk Dyeing: Rainbow Butterfly

Join Sharon Hofer as she takes you step by step through the process of painting this beautiful butterfly on Habotai silk using dyes. Every time we see a butterfly we experience the wonder of creation. Along with studying the beauty of its wings, just seeing it float along in the sky is an amazing experience. In this project Sharon will guide you first in drawing the butterfly with pencil and then transferring the design to the silk. You will then use resist to go over the lines and then paint the butterfly with dye. This is a high quality, vibrantly colored project. Through this experience you will understand the color wheel and how to mix all colors from the three primary colors. Sharon will even guide you as you set the dye so that it does not fade. This project is perfect for the youngest students to those of any age. Hang the finished masterpiece in a window and you will have something as beautiful as a stained glass wall hanging.

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