Paint Like Vermeer: Girl with the Pearl Earring (Oil Painting)

This work stands out in art history as one of the all time favorite masterpieces! Many might not know a lot about the artist Johannes Vermeer, but will instantly recognize this painting. In this Capstone level project Sharon will show the more experienced artist how to recreate this masterpiece. This project is challenging. Sharon recommends that everyone complete the Civil War Period project of Abraham Lincoln (Styles of Art in History) before they try this project. It is also recommended that the Beginning Portraiture project (Level 5), Incandescent Light Bulb project (Level 5), and Romanticism Period project (Styles of Art in History) be completed before attempting this project. Once you have mastered that material, make sure you print off the downloads in this project and get ready to learn the techniques behind recreating a truly historic masterpiece!

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