Online Fine Art Lessons for Students of All Ages

Build creativity and confidence with easy to follow step-by-step video instruction from Sharon Hofer

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Use Award Winning Creating a Masterpiece to become a master artist!

You will be amazed as you see your confidence and skill level grow when using this standard setting curriculum from the art studio of master artist and teacher Sharon Hofer. Proven by the success of thousands of students, Creating a Masterpiece is the perfect choice to empower students with the skills needed to succeed in creating fine art. Students of all ages will be challenged by the unique emphasis on producing beautiful, masterpiece quality artwork. Explore our library of carefully developed projects created especially for this purpose!

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A renaissance happened at our house after introducing Creating a Masterpiece to the kids. While my kids enjoyed drawing and dabbling into different media, Creating a Masterpiece provided both the needed step-by-step instruction and the visual to facilitate a successful art lesson. Mrs. Hofer is gentle in her teaching and strong in her encouragement. We have found the perfect art teacher in Mrs. Sharon Hofer.

Sparked an enthusiasm for art in my youngest child!

Creating a Masterpiece has sparked a great interest in and enthusiasm for art in my youngest child by giving him the knowledge and practice he needs to create his own projects, which he is always excited to do!

My home is decorated with our art!

Sharon’s lessons are nicely paced for all ages, encouraging accuracy and precision without overwhelming the student. . . . Best of all, Creating a Masterpiece has given me an enjoyable hobby that includes my child. My home is decorated with our art.

5 Star Rating!

This program is a delight for the whole family. Even Dad joins us on occasion when it works in his schedule. Creating a Masterpiece has a 5-star rating with our family!

Sharon is all about the students!

I call Sharon Hofer the “Kid Whisperer”! Give her a child who is struggling with academics or low self-esteem and Sharon can lift them up and give the skill and confidence that they need through working through an art project. . . . [E]ven through the videos, her focus is on the student.

Geared to children!

It’s been hard to find any art curriculum that was reasonably priced and geared to children instead of adults. What I love about “Creating a Masterpiece” is that all of us can do the same lesson and everyone is able to create a masterpiece. Even my youngest was capable of following it.

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