Lessons in Pencil: Motocross Rider

Learn to capture the action of this motocross rider. Aside from the epic subject of this project, this project emphasizes identifying and and incorporating positive and negative shapes in you drawing. Sharon guides students step by step through this drawing masterpiece. Note: This project is advanced in difficulty. It is recommended that students be familiar …

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Lessons in Charcoal: The Ballerina

Throughout the years, many of Sharon’s students have gravitated to creating fine art masterpieces with a ballerina as the subject. Ballet is a time celebrated form of performance art. It is admired for its gracefulness and serenity. It conveys deep emotion through graceful interpretive dance. All of these characteristics make it an magnificent subject for …

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Lessons in Charcoal: The Cougar

Roam the mountains with this apex predator as you create this magnificent fine art drawing. Mountain lions, also known as cougars, live throughout the Midwest and Western United States. Learn to draw this gorgeous project with Sharon as she guides you through each step of the process.

Lessons in Pencil: The Foal

Learn the skills needed to capture this magnificent Foal and other subjects like it. From strategic planning to value incorporation, there are skills fine artists use with subtle variance to create masterpiece level drawings. Follow Sharon step-by-step as she guides you through some of these skills. When you are finished, try your hand at your …

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Lessons in Charcoal: Watering Cans

In older communities you will find all sorts of rustic, galvanized pails. These practical pails have been used for decades to carry water, milk, gasoline, and many other commodities. Learn to create the cylindrical, galvanized appearance in charcoal. As students proceed through this project Sharon will teach students two use different types of charcoal to …

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Lessons in Pencil: Canine Companions

Students will love creating this gorgeous, care-free pair. In this more advanced project, Sharon spends more time explaining the technique terminology and its application in the drawing phase. After completing this project students will have the skills they need to create their own gorgeous masterpieces.

Lessons in Pencil: Luxury Sports Car

Feel the rush of executing a perfect high speed corner as you create this classy sports car. Sharon will guide students from bumper to bumper in this gorgeous project. Learn to capture the proportions, values, and spirit of this project in preparation for creating your own.

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