Does my project need to look like Sharon’s example, or can I use my creative abilities to change it?

Every student is going to have their own interpretation of the project. That is what makes art so special! Younger children are going to have more simplistic forms of each project and the older students might want to make it look exactly like Sharon’s or maybe change it in some way. However, Sharon would encourage each student, young and old to make the project their own! They can add to the project, or take away or use different colors. It is exciting and wonderful to see what the students come up with. At the very least, Sharon encourages the students to make a project of their very own after completing the project that Sharon is teaching them from.

Remember to encourage the students to slow down and do their best. Having the students study the photo of the completed project will be a great help to them. Just remember to encourage the students that it is not only “fine” to have their masterpiece look different from the original, but it is often “preferred.”

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