Where do I begin?


It depends on what you want to gain from Creating a Masterpiece. The Beginners Level is unique from the rest of the levels. It is meant to be fun and simple. Each project contains a single lesson divided into multiple small sections. It usually only takes about an hour to complete a project. Children as young as 4-6 can complete these projects. The Foundations of Drawing projects are 1-3 Lessons long. Level 1 through Level 5, Styles of Art in History and the Capstone Level are full fine art projects. Each project in these levels contains 3-7 full lessons that are divided into smaller sections. Each of these lessons usually takes anywhere from 1-2 hours to complete.

Normally students begin with a level one project as it was designed to virtually ensure success. We want you to know the basics before moving onto a more complicated project. If you skip a level you might not be ready for the challenges ahead. In order for you to have complete success, please consider this program just like you would expensive private art lessons. Your teacher would only allow you to go on to the next step if the last step was done well. The “Sunflower” project in level one is actually the most challenging of that level so you might want to wait with that lesson until the end of level 1. Some have voiced that it is also one of the most rewarding lessons in level 1.

If you have some background in fine art, or if you are an older student, you can pick and choose from any of the projects while remembering that every level gets a bit harder. You simply need to go slowly and focus on learning and mastering the techniques.

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