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Acrylic Media Package

$79.00 for 1 year

Acrylic Media Package

Learn the joy of painting with Acrylic. This media package teaches the foundations of Acrylic beginning with the Caribbean Lighthouse. You will then improve your skills by progressing to Spring Flowers. You can even learn to paint three dimensional landscapes as you create Poppies.

You will also learn three famous styles of painting used by great artists of the past. You will learn the foundations of Impressionism used by artists like Claude Monet. You will be dazzled by your own ability to create a starry night like the Post-Impressionist artists such as Vincent Van Gogh. You will even learn to communicate emotion using colors as Franz Marc did using the style of Expressionism.

You can complete the projects in any order you like. Get started today!

Art Skills Taught In Acrylic Media Package Include:

Art Media Featured In Acrylic Media Package Include:

Meet Your Instructor: Sharon Hofer

Premier Artist, Featured Fine Art Instructor, and Founder of Creating a Masterpiece

Join award-winning fine artist and fine art instructor Sharon Hofer as she guides you to study and practice the essentials of fine art. Sharon founded Creating a Masterpiece based on her proven fine art system she developed over 20 years of teaching at her in-person art school. Sharon encourages artists of all ages to experience art projects that will inspire true confidence and teach actual fine art skills.

Sharon Hofer, Art Instructor

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