Core Beginners Level

$99.00 $85.00 for 1 year

Unique from the rest of the program, the Beginners Level is designed to be simple, short, and fun. Sharon has designed these projects so that anyone four years old and up can finish a masterpiece in an average of forty-five minutes to an hour.

In these projects Sharon will teach students the most foundational fine art techniques as they progress through a simple introductory project. This level contains fun, introductory instruction in more than seven different media! These media include watercolor, charcoal, gouache, oil pastel, ink (Tombow and Bombay), mixed media, and alcohol ink. Each project is made up of one lesson divided into multiple smaller sections.

Program Features

11 Projects
11 Lessons
7 Major media with unique variations

Art Media Taught

Gouache, Ink, Mixed Media, Oil Pastel, Pencil/Charcoal, Soft Pastel, and Watercolor

Art Skills Taught

Seeing and incorporating value
Lost and Found Edges

Included Projects

Lesson in Ink: Russian Egg

Lessons in Alcohol Ink: Springtime Cheer

Lessons in Mixed Media: Candlelight

Lessons in Ink: The Cardinal

Lessons in Soft Pastel: Northern Lights

Lessons in Ink: Peacock Feathers

Lessons in Gouache: Granny’s Crabapples

Lessons in Charcoal: Sailing Adventure

Lessons in Watercolor: African Sunset

Lessons in Watercolor: Floral Medley

Lessons in Oil Pastel: Winter Cabin

Lessons in NU Pastel: Baby Penguin

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