Drawing Level 1

$89.00 $79.00 for 1 year

Drawing Level 1 is designed for students approximately 8 years and older who want to grow their drawing skills. Unlike the Core Levels the Drawing Levels are limited to three media. The media included are Pencil, Colored Pencil, and Charcoal.

Program Features

8 Projects
9 Lessons
3 Drawing specific media

Art Media Taught

Colored Pencil and Pencil/Charcoal

Art Skills Taught

Seeing and Incorporating Value
Two Point Perspective
Incorporating Velum into drawing

Included Projects

Lessons in Pencil: Arctic Seal

Lessons in Colored Pencil: First Thanksgiving

Lessons in Charcoal: Ornery Ostrich

Lessons in Charcoal: Alaskan Wilderness

Lessons in Pencil: Penguin Family

Lessons in Pencil: Tuckered out Turtle

Lessons in Colored Pencil: Great White Shark

Lessons in Colored Pencil: Winter Cardinal

Lessons in Charcoal: The Sheep

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