Lessons in Batik: Tree Frog

The tree frog is found throughout the rain forests of South America. Its vibrant colors make it instantly recognizable and a favorite subject for artists of all ages. In this project Sharon will teach students the art of Batik. Batik is an art medium that uses wax as a resist when dying material. This method of painting is widely used throughout Africa to dye material for clothing. Batiks are usually done on cotton material though rice paper has become popular the last couple years in the fine arts. The colors are added using watercolors, inks or dyes. In this project Sharon has chosen to use watercolors on rice paper. Join Sharon Hofer today and learn how to create fun and unique masterpieces using the Batik process!

Project Details

Media: Batik
Difficulty: Level 4

Sample Supply List

Batik Wax
Hot Pot
Watercolor Set
Rice Paper
Old Brushes
Watercolor Brushes

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