Lessons in Soft Pastel: Northern Lights

People will travel thousands of miles to the North to watch the night sky come alive with light and movement! The further North you go the more brilliant and breathtaking the nocturnal display can be. Because Sharon grew up in Montana she had the opportunity to view these Northern Lights many times. She says, “I was filled with awe and would twirl in a circle as I watched the dance and brilliance of those lights move across the sky!”  So, how do you capture that color if you are a new artist? Few art media are as perfect to start with as Soft Pastel. This media makes it easy capture the brilliance of the moving colors of the Northern Lights because of their deep and rich color.

Project Details

Media: Soft Pastel
Difficulty: Beginners

Sample Supply List

Soft Pastels
Black Pastel Paper

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