Styles of Art in History

$179.00 for 1 year

The Styles of Art in History projects are a unique and new approach to learning about art in history. Most art history programs focus on learning about the life of the artist in that period. This program will teach students how to create projects that are similar to those created in that time period.

For example, the first lesson in the Post-Impressionism project introduces that period by briefly describing and illustrating some of the artwork of Van Gogh. Sharon then quickly transitions into teaching the student how to create a Van Gogh-style painting. Sharon’s goal is to make art history come alive by creating! Students who have done a Post-Impressionism project

The projects have varying levels of difficulty. So young students (ages 6 – 9) can complete some of the projects, while older students should be able to complete all of them. The project descriptions will help in determining which projects are right for each student.

Program Features

25 Projects
70+ Lessons
16 Unique Fine Art Media

Art Media Taught

Acrylic, Faux Metal Working, Faux Stained Glass, Glass Etching, Glass Mosaic, Oil Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Colored Marker, Fresco, Oil Pastel, Colored Pencil, Egg Tempera, Millet Seed, Scratch Art, and Block Printing

Art Skills Taught

Three Dimensional Project Planning
Each project teaches a famous historical style
and much more!

Included Projects

Cave Drawing Period: Hunting the Wild Bull (Faux Cave Drawing)

Mesopotamian Period: King Sargon (Relief Sculpture)

Egyptian Period: The Royal Hunt (Colored Marker)

Aegean Period: Fish in Fresco (Fresco)

Greek Period: Mythical Dragon (Relief Sculpture)

Roman Period: The Centurion (Bust Sculpture)

Byzantine Period: Eagle in Profile (Millet Seed Mosaic)

Byzantine Period: The Hummingbird (Faux Stained Glass)

Romanesque Period: Rose Window (Colored Marker)

Gothic Period: Medieval Knight (Faux Stained Glass)

Early Renaissance Period: Red Squirrel (Egg Tempera)

High Renaissance Period: The Giraffe (Glass Etching)

Northern Renaissance Period: Floral Etching

Mannerism Period: Girl with the Umbrella (NuPastel)

Baroque Period: The Peacock (Block Printing)

Neoclassicism Period: An Apple A Day (Oil Painting)

Romanticism Period: Enchanted Valley (Oil Painting)

Romanticism Period: Gold Countryside (Oil Painting)

Realism Period: The Eye (Colored Pencil)

Impressionism Period: Birch Trees (Acrylic Paint)

Post-Impressionism Period: The Eagle in Van Gogh (Acrylic Paint)

Expressionism Period: The Zebra (Acrylic Painting)

Cubism Period: Containers of Color (Acrylic Painting)

Abstract Expressionism Period: Burst of Color (Acrylic)

Pop Art: The Flower Pot (Colored Marker)

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