High Renaissance Period: The Giraffe (Glass Etching)

Glass etching is an artist favorite! It takes time and careful work but the outcome is unique and beautiful when done well. Themed glass etchings are a favorite high dollar item in souvenir shops around the world. This is the often the case whether you travel to the Forbidden City or the Great Wall in China, the Grand Canyon, or go on safari in Africa. Glass etching is elegant. In this project Sharon will teach students the foundations of chemical glass etching. This project is not recommended for students under fourth grade. If parents apply the chemicals as Sharon recommends the students will be safe and have a blast! We strongly recommend that you read through Sharon’s helpful tips and the notes on the downloadable supply list before beginning the project.


Appreciation: We would like to thank Simply Charlotte Mason and Tapestry of Grace for the use of their excellent art history resources.
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