Lessons in Soft Pastel: Beautiful Swan

As a young girl one of Sharon’s favorite stories was “The Ugly Duckling”.  The ugly duckling turned out to be a beautiful Swan!  Every time you paint a picture or create a new project there will be times when you think it will turn out to be an ugly duckling.  However, if you just keep on going and not give up, you will find that your creation has turned out to be a masterpiece just like the beautiful Swan!  Join Sharon as she guides you step by step through the process of sketching the Swan, and then painting it with soft pastels.  You will capture its elegance as you paint this beautiful aquatic night scene. Sharon will show you how to maximize your soft pastels in this project. Not only will you paint the intricacy of the Swan floating on the lake at night but also its reflection. You will gain a better understanding of bounce and reflected light in this colorful masterpiece.

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