How much do supplies cost?

The cost of art supplies varies greatly based on the quality of the supplies. Sharon’s rule of thumb is that “the cheaper the supplies, the cheaper looking the project will turn out to be.” Since we want to inspire confidence in our students, we need to keep this in mind.

If you have no supplies for a specific media, the initial cost of supplies to complete an average project will vary from $11 to $46. The initial cost depends on the supplies needed to complete the media. A reasonable average is $20-$30. Some projects will be less and others more. Once you have supplies for a certain media you may only have to add a color or two to move to another project in that same media. It should be noted that Glass Mosaic and Wood Burning are specialty projects which require more expensive supplies initially.

Sharon seeks to reuse as many of the same supplies as she can when working with the same media in another project, so that the cost remains as low as possible. The goal of this program is to produce high quality fine art in many different media, in order to grow confident young artists.

A note from the artist, Sharon Hofer:

In order to understand the low cost of the supplies, you should divide the expenses among the total students and/or projects and you will see how little it really costs for the supplies. I have put together a list of supplies that I believe you will be happy with. Remember, that most of the art supplies are good for many projects and for many students. Most of you will have so many supplies left, that when you do your next project in that media, you won’t have to rebuy the supplies a second time.

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