How and where do I get supplies?

This is one of the wonderful parts of this program! Ordering supplies cannot be made more simple as Sharon has partnered with Blick Art Supply and they stock all of the materials needed for each project. Each supply list is already in a cart for you at BlickU. You will find that Blick Art Supply is a very reasonable priced source for high quality art supplies. (They have good sales as well.)

You will find the link for the list of each individual project located below the video feed of each project. A chart will also guide you in the amount of supplies needed when you have more than 2 students doing the project at one time. One benefit of using BlickU to order is the ability to order individual and color specific supplies. You won’t have to buy entire sets, but only what you need for that particular project.

If you prefer to pick up your own supplies at your local art store you absolutely can. You might have to substitute like items, but it can be done. We would only caution you to get good art supplies. They will last a lot longer and give you professional result. If you use cheep supplies your finished project will also lack in depth of color and brilliance.

A note from the artist, Sharon Hofer:

I want to advise you to use good art supplies as they will make all the difference in the outcome of your project. Most art programs give children the cheapest supplies possible and they get second rate results. I call this refrigerator art and you will probably end up throwing the artwork away. Low end art supplies will end up discouraging the student rather than inspire him.

For instance, if you take piano lessons on an out of tune piano, you will get frustrated. Consciously you might not even know it is out of tune, but you know something is wrong. The same is true for producing artwork. Low priced supplies will not develop the confidence and satisfaction that you are wanting. You will feel disappointed… and you will think something is wrong with you. And that is not the case at all. The problem is in the supplies and no matter how hard you try, the outcome will not be strong. Poor quality supplies have very little pigment and are made mostly of filler. Keep in mind that they won’t last as long and the results will be inferior.

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