How much of a project should I do at one sitting?

Sharon recommends that students accomplish one lesson per week. Keep in mind that each lesson is divided into several sections. A careful student will usually take an hour or more to finish one lesson.

A note from the artist, Sharon Hofer:

In your excitement to finish a project, you won’t realize when that eagerness turns into sloppiness. This happens all the time as new students come into my studio. Before too many weeks go by, they realize that they need to slow down. As they watch the other students take their time and have a masterpiece to show for it, they learn that the first person done is not usually the winner. Also, as you become tired you can tend to get careless and will skip through the lesson fast. The little details that you miss will make a huge impact in the finished project. An important part of being a good artist is knowing when to take a break and when to return. An artist should feel refreshed and ready to create. So even if you only finish a small section in a lesson at one sitting – that’s perfectly fine! Your project will probably turn out much better because of your careful effort.

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