What makes Creating a Masterpiece so exciting and rewarding for those who use it?


When Sharon Hofer designed Creating a Masterpiece she wanted a program that would not only teach technique but would also to equip each student to produce excellent results of their own. This program is designed to equip each student could move on and do their own projects. With over twenty years teaching experience to draw from Sharon developed this program. As students make their way through the lessons they will feel as if they are sitting in Sharon’s studio being taught by her personally. Your students will benefit from Sharon’s teaching through projects that are designed in very specific ways.

Her belief is that the teaching style must be simple enough for a child to follow. Sharon teaches step by step so that anyone can follow along at each stage of the project. The Beginners Level projects are often completed by children ages 5-6.

The quality of each project must be masterpiece level work. Sharon works hard to ensure that her students produce projects they will be proud of. As Sharon says “I want to encourage them to take pride in their work and help them feel like a real artist, instead of doing simplistic crafts.”

Each project should inspire confidence! When a student finishes a project they didn’t think they could do, and realizes that not only did they do it, but it is a masterpiece as well, their confidence grows! As students progress through the program they will learn that they can become masters in many different media. They will realize that they can do anything they put their mind to.


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