What makes Creating a Masterpiece so unique?


You will find that this program has a high emphasis on quality. Sharon wants each student to excel in the fine arts rather than crafts. This is because they will grow in their confidence as an artist twice as fast if they start with masterpiece level projects. Just by looking at the projects produced by the students you will be amazed at what they can do. As you will see, children as young as 4 – 5 can make masterpieces using media usually reserved for the high school student and beyond.

Across our country there are lessons available for the adult student but very few have been created that are designed especially to teach young children and teens. Sharon has a passionate commitment to ensure that every student, regardless of age or artistic ability, has the opportunity to create beautiful artwork.

Another aspect that makes the Creating a Masterpiece art program unique is the very low cost in taking fine art lessons. Rather than paying $500 or more per student for yearly art lessons, by using this program you have the opportunity to buy a subscription that enables your entire family to use all the lessons available on the site. Each individual student can work at their own speed and choose projects that they are most interested in. During the year additional media and lessons will continue to be added.

The fourth aspect that makes the Creating a Masterpiece art program unique is the opportunity to learn many different art mediums. Most artist teach one or two media that they excel in. This means that the student will need to find a new teacher every time they want to learn a new media. Your teacher, Sharon Hofer, has learned, mastered, and taught almost all forms of art media. Because of this extensive background she currently offers over 35 different forms of fine art media with plans to introduce even more. She will introduce you to different media, teach you how to use the media, and increase the difficulty as you advance through the levels.

A note from the artist, Sharon Hofer:

Too often many art programs expect too little from the students. I believe that the students will rise up to the challenge if the teacher expects the most from them. At Creating a Masterpiece we are confident that every student regardless of their age or artistic ability will be able to produce beautiful artwork as they work slowly and methodically through the program.

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