What media can we learn?


What would be more exciting than producing something of value and worth that your peers have never attempted? Sharon believes that everyone can do anything if they just go step by step through the process. The more media they become proficient at, the more challenges they will be willing to attempt. Sharon is adding new projects and media constantly.

Some of the media Sharon currently teaches:

Wood Burning, Balsa Carving, Glass Mosaic, Glass Etching, Faux Stained Glass, Batik, Copper Tooling, Gouache, Silk Dyeing, Block Printing, Rubber Stamp Printmaking, Faux Stained Glass, Acrylic Painting, Oil Painting, Soft Pastel, Oil Pastel, Earthenware Sculpture, Sculpty Sculpture, Relief Sculpture, Bust Sculpture, Watercolor, Alcohol Inks, Pencil Drawing, Colored Pencil Drawing, Portraiture, Watercolor Pencil, Standard Ink, Stippling in Ink, Bombay Ink, Tombow Ink, Conte Crayon, Mixed Media projects, and Inktense.

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