Entire Drawing Program

Drawing Program -old version

$199.00 for 1 year

Enjoy one year access to every project in the Foundations of Drawing 1 and Foundations of Drawing 2 levels.

Drawing Program -old version

If your student has in interest in learning real Drawing this is the program for them. Designed specifically by a master artist and teacher to empower students who love to draw. Drawing is a skill anyone can learned. You don’t have to be gifted. In this program Sharon will teach students step by step how to plan, develop, and enhance carefully designed projects. As students advance through the levels they will learn more intricate ways of implementing and enhancing their projects through applying technique. As they master these techniques, their own drawing projects will show the growth of skill they are learning. The projects in this program have been limited to the inexpensive mediums of Pencil, Colored Pencil, and Charcoal. The skills being taught can be used to enhance many other forms of drawing and fine art media. The Drawing Program includes every Drawing Level.

Art Skills Taught In Drawing Program -old version Include:

Incorporating Value, Shading, Two Point Perspective, Three Point Perspective an many more!

Art Media Featured In Drawing Program -old version Include:

Colored Pencil and Pencil/Charcoal

Meet Your Instructor: Sharon Hofer

Premier Artist, Featured Fine Art Instructor, and Founder of Creating a Masterpiece

Join award-winning fine artist and fine art instructor Sharon Hofer as she guides you to study and practice the essentials of fine art. Sharon founded Creating a Masterpiece based on her proven fine art system she developed over 20 years of teaching at her in-person art school. Sharon encourages artists of all ages to experience art projects that will inspire true confidence and teach actual fine art skills.

Sharon Hofer, Art Instructor

Families are Raving About the Drawing Program -old version

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Levels Included in the Drawing Program -old version

Beginning Drawing 2

Drawing Level 1

Drawing Level 2

Drawing Level 3

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