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Art Essentials Program

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Learn a wide variety of art media types and skills through our Art Essentials Program. With six distinct levels and more than 200 lessons covering 60+ projects, Art Essentials is designed for any aspiring or established artist ages five through 105 (and older!). Start creating breath-taking, applause-inducing art with Art Essentials!


Art Essentials Program

Award-Winning Art Lessons Teach Creating Art in Any Form

The Art Essentials Program presented by Creating a Masterpiece is a five-time award-winning online art program giving you the front-row seat for growing artists ages five through 105 (and older!). Release your full creativity by learning, experimenting, and working toward full mastery of exciting new art methods and media. Each level of the Art Essentials Program includes different media and project types. You will learn important art concepts at the appropriate level as you work through Art Essentials.

Art Skills Taught In Art Essentials Program Include:

Color Theory, Composition, Contrast, Depth of Field, Design, Dynamic Range, Emphasis, Highlights, Perspective, Shadow, Shape, Sight-Sizing, Symmetry, Foundations of Portraiture, Shading, Seeing and Incorporating value, Proportion, Center of interest, Lost and Found edges, Media-Specific Skills, Unity, Volume, and More!

Art Media Featured In Art Essentials Program Include:

Acrylic, Balsa Carving, Batik, Block Printing, Colored Pencil, Conte' Crayon, Copper Tooling, Glass Mosaic, Gouache, Ink, Mixed Media, Oil Pastel, Pencil/Charcoal, Sculpture, Silk Painting, Soft Pastel, Watercolor, Watercolor Pencils, and Wood Burning

Meet Your Instructor: Sharon Hofer

Premier Artist, Featured Fine Art Instructor, and Founder of Creating a Masterpiece

Join award-winning fine artist and fine art instructor Sharon Hofer as she guides you to study and practice the essentials of fine art. Sharon founded Creating a Masterpiece based on her proven fine art system she developed over 20 years of teaching at her in-person art school. Sharon encourages artists of all ages to experience art projects that will inspire true confidence and teach actual fine art skills.

Sharon Hofer, Art Instructor

Families are Raving About the Art Essentials Program

A renaissance happened at our house after introducing Creating a Masterpiece to the kids. While my kids enjoyed drawing and dabbling into different media, Creating a Masterpiece provided both the needed step-by-step instruction and the visual to facilitate a successful art lesson. Mrs. Hofer is gentle in her teaching and strong in her encouragement. We have found the perfect art teacher in Sharon Hofer.

– Debbie G

We have had many hours of fun learning the different art mediums together. So far, we have completed projects using soft pastels, ink, oil pastels, colored pencil, pencil, watercolor, acrylics, and colored markers. Our family and friends have been impressed with the results…The lessons are presented in a professional yet easy to understand manner, so that children and adults of various abilities are able to follow along. I would recommend Creating a Masterpiece to anyone who wants to learn and develop their artistic abilities.

– D Tripp

I must admit I knew she was a little artist, but I had no idea what she could do with the right kind of clear instruction. My mouth dropped open in shock!

– Joanna R.

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Levels Included in the Art Essentials Program

Art Essentials for Beginners

Art Essentials Level 1

Art Essentials Level 2

Art Essentials Level 3

Art Essentials Level 4

Art Essentials Level 5

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