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Art History Program

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Learn to create masterpiece projects in the styles of great art periods in history.


Art History Program

The Art History Projects Program was designed both for fun and to supplement your art history studies. Students love to create but often struggle to be interested in studying artists. This program focuses on getting students interested in art history by actually doing the art!

This program includes three types of projects divided into three levels. The first type of project teaches styles of art in history. Projects in this level are designed for students to learn how to create fine art that looks like famous art styles from the past. The second type of project is historically themed. These projects are designed to be fun additions to your study. The subject of a historically themed project may be a ship in a lagoon representing the Spanish Exploration of the New World, a profile of a North American Chief representing life in Early America, and more to come. The third type of project is called a capstone project. These projects are meant to teach how to recreate historic masterpieces. It is taught at a masterpiece level.

Art Skills Taught In Art History Program Include:

Recognition and creating of famous, period specific art styles
Portraiture in Charcoal and Oil Painting
Project Design and Implementation
Strategic Planning
Characteristics of Relief and Bust Sculpture
Form and Composition
and much more!

Art Media Featured In Art History Program Include:

Faux Metal Working, Faux Stained Glass, Glass Etching, Glass Mosaic, Ink, Oil Painting, Pencil/Charcoal, Printmaking, Sculpture, Acrylic, and Colored Marker

Meet Your Instructor: Sharon Hofer

Premier Artist, Featured Fine Art Instructor, and Founder of Creating a Masterpiece

Join award-winning fine artist and fine art instructor Sharon Hofer as she guides you to study and practice the essentials of fine art. Sharon founded Creating a Masterpiece based on her proven fine art system she developed over 20 years of teaching at her in-person art school. Sharon encourages artists of all ages to experience art projects that will inspire true confidence and teach actual fine art skills.

Sharon Hofer, Art Instructor

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Levels Included in the Art History Program

Styles of Art in History

Historically Themed Projects

Capstone Projects

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