Unlimited Access Program


Perfect for families and creative students, the Unlimited Access Program includes every video project available in the website. Many students have different levels of ability and different interests. Some would love to learn to draw. Others students would like to learn to carve, sculpt, or even create with glass. With this program they are not limited to one section of the website. They can choose any video project included in the Core Program, Drawing Program, Art History Projects, and the Capstone Program. It includes all levels of difficulty from Beginners through Capstone.

Program Features

155+ Projects, 340+ Lessons, 37+ Unique Media

Note regarding media:
Variations within some media are not included in the number above. Ink for instance has five or more variations including Tombow, Bombay, Alcohol, Sharpie, Ink Blocks, and more. Each of these variations is dealt with in at least one project.

Note regarding supplies:
Good quality supplies are vital for your students success. Supplies are not included. You will always save money if you purchase your supplies on your own. We provide lists, links to the supplies, and brand recommendations.

Art Media Taught

Acrylic, Balsa Carving, Batik, Block Printing, Carving, Colored Marker, Colored Pencil, Conte' Crayon, Copper Tooling, Faux Metal Working, Faux Stained Glass, Glass Etching, Glass Mosaic, Gouache, Ink, Mixed Media, Oil Painting, Oil Pastel, Pencil/Charcoal, Printmaking, Sculpture, Silk Painting, Soft Pastel, Watercolor, Watercolor Pencils, and Wood Burning

Art Skills Taught

Appropriation, Armature, Color theory, Composition, Contrast, Depth of field, Design, Dynamic Range, Emphasis, Exaggeration , Highlights, Intensity, Kinetic Motion, Pattern, Perspective, Proportion, Rhythm, Shadow, Shape, Sight-Sizing, Sketching, Symmetry , Foundations of portraiture, Shading, Seeing and incorporating value, Two-point perspective, Center of interest, Lost and found edges, Media specific skills, Unity, and Volume.

Core Beginners Level

Core Level 1

Core Level 2

Core Level 3

Core Level 4

Core Level 5

Beginning Drawing 1

Beginning Drawing 2

Drawing Level 1

Drawing Level 2

Drawing Level 3

Drawing Level 4

Drawing Level 5

Styles of Art in History

Historically Themed Projects

Capstone Projects

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